Understanding Formulas and Validating Data

Data Validation
This is a quick note, but I am a numbers geek and as such nothing can be more dangerous than populating hundreds upon hundreds of cells with the wrong formula. The only thing more dangerous than this is not validating the data before sending it out to decision makers.  It can really create major issues if one does not take the time to validate their own work because if there are errors in the reports and everyone looking at it takes that data for face value, well…. It’s not good.

Anytime I work on a report, I have a rule of thumb, triple check the work and validate the fx in excel. Validation is a simple thing, its as simple as asking a co-worker or doing a Google search.

If there was any advice that I could offer to people that have to work with data and reporting it would be to make sure you know how to look at the numbers, use the correct formulas, and validate your work.

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