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Google AdWords Certified PartnerI am happy to say that I have also been approved and met all requirements to be a part of the Google Adwords Certified Partner Program. This is kind of nice as I have always wanted to be a Certified Partner for a while, but never took the steps to achieve this status.

I think there are only 3 requirements, so check it out, you might be able to get started on your way to being a certified partner with Google.

Now with this stated, I have to say to anyone who knows PPC, and Adwords for years, these qualifications are nice because they provide credibility and can open a door. But there is no qualification out there that will ever compete with a proven track record of success. It could be revenue, lead gen, phone sales, online purchases, email campaigns and anything else that ultimately makes money that makes a difference to me when looking at talented individuals. Certs are always going to be secondary to a good body of work.

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